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Clean air of Austria

Clean air of Austria

Come November I’m clear-headed after a few months spent inhaling my favourite season. The air in this winter paradise is cold, crisp and clean without the bite of February’s deep freeze.

An older local acquaintance behind the counter of a small shop is confounded by a shopper who doesn’t want a plastic bag.

“Don’t give people a plastic bag if they explicitly don’t want one,” I suggest.

“But it’s all in the name of service,” he insists. “That’s how I know they have paid for what they have. Plus, they pay for their bags, I add a few cents on.”

“I’m not talking about the economics of it all, I’m more concerned about the environment,” I reply.

“Oh, I don’t care about the environment. I’ve lived here too long to have to worry about it now.”


^ The above is from a lost’n’found travel notebook.

The following is from Satu Hassi, a Green MEP in Finland, writing on Public Service Europe:
“In the consultation that the [European] commission conducted in 2011, more than 70 per cent of the respondents agreed that a ban on plastic bags across the EU is needed … Austria has been urging the clarification of the situation and calling for either national bans or an EU-wide ban.”