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1st Year, 2nd time round

Monday, first day of lectures on a new campus, and I accepted a ride. Angie maneuvered her rust bucket past the university’s main entrance, the fern-green Hyundai clunking and clattering as she heaved it into a U-turn. For the finale, she hung out of her car window: “Bye Fiooonnn, BYE, Good luuuuck!”

Throwing her a close-lipped smile I glanced around before embracing my awkwardness: “Byeee. Thanks, mum!”

The gratitude that filled me wasn’t only for the car lift. It was also for the enthusiasm she’d shown as I turned toward this field of study. Mum wasn’t around when I had my first crack at tertiary studies – I didn’t know where she lived back then and only a couple of friends from my teens and twenties ever got to meet her.

My husband’s insistence that we move back to Australia to raise our children gave me a second chance at being within Angie’s orbit. Attending lectures now has given me a second chance at something else, too – pursuing another compatible career.

Many people have insurmountable odds to overcome and a fresh path isn’t always accessible. I won’t be wasting this shot, so I’m raising this imaginary glass to “Making the most of second chances”. Oh, and a toast to mum for the much-needed lift she has given me.