Top 10: Lessons Learned In My First Year As A Career Woman, Speech Pathologist Edition

Top 10 lessons from 1st career year: the Speech Pathologist edition

Moments I Paws

One year ago today, I had recently gotten home from my Mexican hospitalization honeymoon, and started my first ‘real’ job. Full time, what I went to school for, salaried, official big girl status CAREER.  There have been a whole lotta lessons along the way, and I’ve been a part of a forgiving, encouraging, supportive, and appreciative place in which to learn them.  Here are some of the biggies…

1. 11:00 PM is the new 2:00 AM.

Late week nights in high school, college, and graduate school didn’t happen often for me (as a compulsive planner), but when they did, it was almost a challenge that came with a certain rush.  Whenever the clock started nearing 2AM however, a certain sense of panic set in. I knew I’d be exhausted the next day, and if I had multiple 2AM nights, I would get deathly ill- without fail.  Given how early I…

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