Mister, Mister

If you’re a bloke and I call you Mister, call yourself lucky. Mr means I respect you or admire you either for your seniority, your talent, or your wisdom (or all three if you’re so blessed).┬áMr Arnison, former Headmaster, came to our wedding but still I’d dive into a vat of bubbling tar before calling him “Barry”.

A request that I call someone by [FirstName] is processed by my external communications department. Once you’ve shared a few work shifts, come to mine for a cuppa, or, better still, washed my car, then I’ll call you [FirstName].

It might seem overly old-fashioned but the Mr adds a crashpad of comfort to interactions.

Like the polite German “Sie”, the use of Mr / Sir / Ma’am / Mrs is a custom that’s hard lost.

How else do you refer to teachers or seniors you barely know?


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