So They Say

by Zadie Smith via Good Reads

 The past  is always tense, the future perfect.

Beware those who insist “Move on, leave the past in the past, be positive ” – they’ll be the same ones who’ll keep dragging it up in a negative fashion. The hilarity, the insanity.

from Homestead by Rosina Lippi (2001) Flamingo p 71

 Our faults – impatience, laziness, greed, sloth – all come to the light in the round disks of pale gold, in the cool damp dimness of the cheese cellar.

Character revealed amidst the cheese wheels.

from Lance Armstrong: Tour De Force by Daniel Coyle

Most spectacularly ignored, however, was Ventoux itself, the single most death-enchanted rock in a nation specialising in death-enchanted rocks. Neither an Alp nor a Pyrene, Ventoux is a lonely freak mountain, a magnet for mad poets and misguided saints.


from Horse Sense for People by Monty Roberts

Most conventionally broken horses form an adversarial relationship with the people they work for and, though they may agree to perform, it is with reluctance. Any environment that is based on fear and punishment will achieve performance but not innovation. You can force people and horses to cooperate, but you cannot force optimum performance.

Apply this liberally while working & when parenting.

from Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome

I heard a man, going up a mountain in Switzerland, once say he would give worlds for a glass of beer, and when he came to a little shanty where they kept it, he kicked up a most fearful row because they charged him five francs for a bottle of Bass. He said it was a scandalous imposition, and he wrote to The Times about it.

Price gouging in the  1800s

from How Good Do We Have To Be by Harold S Kushner

Thinking negatively and pathologically about the family distances us from family members and we lose the opportunity to be enriched by them.

Que? It’s not always their fault?


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